March 4, 2011

Stanley Czapiewski and his wife Sabrina of Escondido, California, were up late the evening of Wednesday, March 2nd, enjoying an overnight stay at Valley View Casino & Hotel. Sabrina was tired and decided to head up to the room to go to sleep, but Stanley just wasn't ready to call it quits just yet—so he decided to try a few spins on one of his favorite games, the African Diamond slot machine. When a phone call woke Sabrina up a short time later, telling her that her husband needed her down on the casino floor, she was initially worried. However, her worry quickly turned into joy when she reunited with her husband and Stanley told her he had just hit the casino's internal mystery progressive Colossal Coin jackpot—for a whopping $733,501 off a 60 cent bet! And unlike other casino progressive jackpots, Valley View Casino & Hotel awards their Colossal Coin jackpot is awarded in one lump sum—not as an annuity—which means Stanley and Sabrina will enjoy some life-changing cash! Stanley and Sabrina were awarded the $733,501 bundled in stacks of $10,000 today, presented to them in a suitcase by Valley View Casino & Hotel guards.

"Stanley and Sabrina have been loyal guests of ours for the past ten years," said Bruce Howard, general manager of Valley View Casino & Hotel. "We are overjoyed to award this huge jackpot to such a wonderful couple and we hope they enjoy many years of happiness and even more good fortune!"

The Colossal Coin jackpot can hit at anytime, on any of Valley View Casino & Hotel's 2000 Certified Loose slot machines. Guests simply need to have their Players Club card inserted into the machine to be eligible to win. Joining the Players Club is quick, easy and free, and using your Players Club card is the only way to win. Now that the Colossal Coin jackpot has hit, it has been reset to $10,000 and is continually growing, and is guaranteed to award another lucky Players Club card member sometime between now and its climb to $1,000,000. "On behalf of the San Pasqual Tribe and the San Pasqual Casino Development Group, we congratulate Stanley and Sabrina," said Joe Navarro, president of the San Pasqual Casino Development Group. "We're already looking forward to the next big winner!" For more information about Valley View Casino & Hotel, visit or call (760) 291-5500.

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